Best Deal

We provide solutions to supply high-quality materials around the world.

GM Group LLC represents commodity sellers from South America.  We provide solutions to supply high quality products and commodities around the world.  We have signed agreements with certified companies from South America (Specially Colombia) to export products promising balanced quality/costs deals.

Our Mission

To provide superior customer service to our clients, through effective and reliable solutions and exceptional process administration from customer request to product delivery

Our core is to look for the best fit-for-purpose option to our customers and offer the best deal. Our networking and logistic team allow us to have a large data base to support any request from any country.

Our Values
  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Simplicity
Our Business

We use the knowledge of the local markets, infrastructure and logistic to offer best products where and when they are required.  We develop alliances with long-term contracts, assessing their performance as they are built.

All legal documents (LOI, FCO, ICPO, NCNDA, MPFA) will be signed and carried out according to national/international regulations.

Our Philosophy

We focus on the essentials, and keep only the exceptional!


We serve the international industry with high levels of knowledge in location, selection, evaluation, negotiation and logistical management of commodities. Based out of Miami FL, we offer a quick and effective response to your needs.

We have gained extensive amount of knowledge and experience working in the management of contracts with sellers and buyers in the market. Our contract management allows for our clients to benefit from best fit-for-purpose options, according to the context in the market.

We currently have commercial agreements with mines in Colombia and all licenses to export with different INCOTERM agreed.

Meet Our Team


Closed deals from different continents around the world.

Team Members

Skilled professionals from different experiences and specialties.


We have supplied around 10 different high-quality.

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