Trade and Export

Our networking and logistic team allow us to have an extensive portfolio of products and commodities.

Our Services

GM Group LLC offer an experienced service to supply products and commodities around the world. We take care of our clients and look for the best available options in the market.  We use our experience in the industry and knowledge of the market to connect necessities through professional methodologies.


We have an extensive database with trusted suppliers around the world. We aim to offer different alternatives for any enquiry.


We run Due Diligences and sign NDA to protect all stakeholders at any point of the process, any country and over all foreseeable conditions.


We have experienced and skilled professional to deal in any environment to get the best win-win deals.


We have collaborative agreements to best suit INCOTERM requirements.


We understand the time demands around businesses. We operate 24/7 to best offer agile processes.


We understand international markets and special considerations in the countries we operate.


High-quality refined metallic gold with all documentation and taxes required.


Bituminous and Subbituminous coal (Metallurgical and thermal) with medium-high calorific power from different suppliers in Colombia.


High-quality copper in cathodes.


Premium Colombian coffee in different forms and high-quality beans.

Agricultural products

Sugar, rice, soy, vegetable oil.

Focused on offering high quality
products and best deals.


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